What Makes a Great Sign? 5 Tips for Designing Your Sign

A good sign should convey important information about your business as well as create a mental impression about your work. Graphic design is both art and science that uses different components to provide a distinct overall impression. These components include lettering style and size, contrast, white space, visibility, legibility and content. Keeping in mind the five most important factors in signs will help you to create the best sign for your needs.

1 Visibility – choose colors that contrast without being stark and unpleasant to the eye. Yellow and green, red with white, blue and white, and yellow with black are generally good combinations. If you must have certain colors that are not particularly good together, such as colors that may be a part of your company logo and brand, consider outlining the lettering in white to increase visibility.

2 Keep It Simple – too much information on a sign can be confusing and illegible. Keep the information simple and straightforward. Also choose a sign shape that works with the amount of lettering you require. You should not choose a long thin rectangular sign if you need a large amount of text. Choose a square sign or rectangular to provide room for lettering.

3 Fill the Sign Area Strategically – use graphics, borders, shadowing and other items to create a visually attractive message. Fill in as much of the sign as possible but don’t crowd the text, which can be confusing. Decide what text can best convey information about your business in the least amount of space. A “tag line” or other snappy phrase can help to fix your business in customers’ minds.

4 Choose the Right Sign Style and Size – determine the distance from the road or sidewalk and the pattern of traffic. This measurement will help you to determine what size background and lettering you will need for best visibility. You can choose from a wide variety of sign styles that can help to make your sign more visible. Illuminated signs are effective for businesses that stay open during the night hours. Neon signs are eye-catching and can be seen for long distances. Slim edge-lit signs use LED technology to create a highly visible, lighted sign to catch your customer’s attention. Hanging signs can be used to project out from a building’s face for better visibility. Engraved signs provide an upscale look. Sandblasted signs made of wood or high-density urethane create an artistic look that can suit certain types of business well. Signs can also have changeable lettering to provide information on specials and other new information that may interest customers.

5 Align Lettering & Graphics Properly – nothing looks more slipshod than poor alignment and creates a sour image for your company. Use graphics tools to ensure centering and left-and-right alignment for all text to create an even and professional effect. In addition, ensure that all lettering is clear and distinct without blurred edges. Crisp, clean lettering is easy to read and allows customers to read the sign from a greater distance.

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The Many Faces of Signage -It’s not just the big sign on the outside of your building

There are almost limitless options available today when it comes to signage. From banners to floor mats, strategically placed signs can advertise a business, personalize a special event or spread the word about a new product.

SIGNARAMA Deerfield beach offers a large variety of advertising signs designed to help bring a business to the attention of potential customers and clients. Channel lettering and other exterior signage serve to make a business more visible. Channel lettering can include backlighting to make it easier to see, especially at night. Other popular business signage includes yard signs, banners and sidewalk signs. Yard signs come in different sizes and are easy for anyone to use. Banners may be made of vinyl or fabric, and provide great publicity for a business or service. Sidewalk signs and sandwich boards are portable and come in many sizes.

Vehicles make fantastic mobile signs. Lettering or graphics on a company car or truck mean a business gets constant exposure to the public every time that vehicle is on the road. Company vehicles can have a custom logo applied to the doors, hood or tailgate, or can be completely wrapped in a huge advertisement that everyone will notice. Magnetic signs can also be made for vehicles that can be removed if necessary. Bumper stickers can also be made with a company name or logo.

Sign boards and marquees with changeable letters are perfect for advertising constantly changing information such as daily specials, or for making weekly or monthly announcements. There are many different styles of changeable letter signs. Some are permanently fixed, while others are designed to be rolled from place to place by just one person.

SIGNARAMA Deerfield beach can make full size trade show displays that are lightweight, portable and easy to assemble. Large scale retail and Point-of-Purchase signage is also available to make a business or product stand out. QR codes that connect customers directly to a company website when scanned by a smartphone can be added to any of the above business signage.

Aside from letting the public know about a business, SIGNARAMA provides customized signage that can personalize a business space. Floor mats, floor and wall decals and window lettering can all be manufactured with a company name or logo to raise brand awareness and build employee morale. Engraved signs and plaques can lend an air of distinction to any business.

Signs can be used to advertise more than a business or great sale. SIGNARAMA offers many types of signs that can be used to make a personal statement. Vinyl banners can dress up a party, announce a special event or honor a loved one. Customized decorative car license plates can personalize a vehicle or announce a bride and groom. Vehicle lettering, available in a range of colors and styles, can customize any vehicle. Graphics and lettering can be applied to boats as well.

SIGNARAMA Deerfield beach offers all of these types of signs, and much more. Give us a call at 954-428-7446 or visit our website at to learn more about customized signage for your business or event, or to place an order on-line.