Sign-Buyers Guide – Five Questions to Ask Before Buying Signage

When it comes to your business there might be no greater concern than selecting the right suppliers. As a business owner you’re entrusting your success with your potential partners which is why you have to be careful when choosing who you do business with.

When you are selecting a business to handle your company’s signage, it’s important to do your research to ensure that you are choosing a business that is trustworthy, dependable, and professional. There are a lot of questions that you should ask before you partner with a potential signage company to ensure that they’re the right fit for your needs.

 What Industries do you typically serve? Is there one you specialize in?

Signage is used universally, throughout every industry to display messages to customers, market a business, or to show compliance with regulations. But not all signage houses are created equally. While most signage businesses handle a wide range of industries, some might find that most of their clients are from a specific industry either intentionally or just by coincidence. If your signage company focuses on a specific area of business to see if their focus is within your industry or not.

What are the right materials for your sign type?

Signs are created from a wide range of materials depending on the sign type. Not only does it depend on if it’s an indoor vs outdoor sign matter, but signs can be fabricated using metals, fabrics, glass, vinyl, stone, wood and beyond!  Materials for more complex signage may differ from your basic outdoor corrugated yard sign. Consulting a professional sign company is critical to help you understand the durability, quality and effectiveness each material presents for you signage requirements while working to stay within your budget scope.

What is the right design and color scheme that stands out best?

So much goes into the planning of the sign design. From choosing the right color combinations to the right font type, your sign is your calling card and so it’s important that it leaves a lasting first impression.

Consider your location and the distance your sign is from passers-by.  Will you include your logo or a unique graphic or perhaps that is too busy for the space provided. All of these questions are important factors that affect the overall design.  Be sure when you consult your local sign expert that you are prepared.

Do you special permits or requirements needed for your business sign?

Unfortunately this can vary from city to city and even depend on the building type your business occupies. For example, the city of Deerfield Beach, FL requires three color copies of drawings with the sign drawn to scale, color information, lettering style, dimensions, mounting details and more.  Deerfield Beach, FL also requires business owners to include on their sign applications engineering plans for all new building and monument signs, a notarized consent letter from the property owner granting permission on the requested area where the sign will be placed. Electric signs may also require an inspection to ensure proper installation.

outdoor monument sign

All states must also comply with The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 that requires visible signage for those with disabilities across all businesses. These strict guidelines must meet both local and federal rules.  Everything from braille and tactile signs, handicap parking signs must all meet government standards based on their placement, size, type fonts and more.  Following the proper protocol to apply for permits can be a confusing undertaking while you are working on various other facets of opening a business which is why contacting a respected, local sign company such as Signarama Deerfield Beach is recommended.  Trustworthy sign professionals who have been in the community for a significant period of time are well versed on the sign requirements including the application process and fee schedules you will be required to submit.

What Is Your On-Time Delivery Record?

Late jobs are just not acceptable, but occasionally they may happen. Your signage might be time sensitive and needed for a specific event. Ask your signage provider how they can prove their delivery record and how they plan to stick to it. Be sure to inquire the course of action if a sign is late and how you may be compensated if your deadline is not met.  Always be clear as to your expected delivery date so that your project is on-time, helping to build a relationship for future projects.

What Quality Control Systems Do You Use?

The last thing you want is a sign that doesn’t look quite right. In order to ensure that your signage house will manage your job properly it is important to ensure they have a written quality control procedure.

A great signage shop will be able to answer these questions in a way that is satisfactory to you and your business needs.

Choosing the wrong sign company for your business can end up costing you thousands of dollars in lost revenue and time. Signarama Deerfield Beach understands the importance of selecting the right partner to do business with and we will work with you to deliver the perfect sign for your business.

Contact Signarama Deerfield Beach today to begin planning your next project!

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