Making the Most of Your Trade Show Display

Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to market your business to potential customers and partners in your industry. You can spend thousands of dollars getting your business ready for an event but if you don’t get it right it may all be for naught. Signarama of Deerfield Beach has been helping businesses succeed at trade show events for years. Our staff takes the time to learn about the event you will be attending including size restrictions or requirements, delivery expectations and needs, and expo guidelines. We want to make sure you get the most out of your investment in the trade show you are attending. as well as Signarama.

Whether you’re attending your very first trade show or consider yourself a professional, here are some tips that are sure to help you get the most out of your trade show display.

Trade Show Displays

The Right Display for Your Trade Show

Not all displays are the right display for your needs. Some trade shows will feature a large expo hall where your business will get thousands of passersby each hour. A large display will be the most effective in standing out amongst the crowds. Modular displays offer a custom look that will make a statement about your business. These displays are lightweight, easy to transport, and can be designed to fit your custom requirements and needs.

For smaller trade shows where the expo hall is limited to only a few vendors, you might want to keep your display more simple. Table covers, vinyl banners, or banner stands can showcase your business in a way that is effective to the audience without being over the top. Banner stands are easy to set up, requiring only one individual and can be transported by your business rather than being shipped ahead of time.

Make a Statement – Make it POP!

POP displays show the customers that you are truly invested in the event. These bold products really stand out and can be designed in a wide variety of sizes and shapes including curved, straight, serpentine, and more. They are long-lasting, durable, and easy to transport and set up. In most cases, POP displays can “pop” into place in a few minutes. POP displays can be tabletop models that can be used to showcase products that you’re selling at the trade show but can also be as large as 20 feet tall.

POP displays can feature custom designs including photography, art, messaging and more to attract passersby. These lightweight solutions are perfect for businesses that attend trade shows often and want to get the most for their money and make a big impact because if stored properly, they can be reused for the duration of that campaign.

POP Displays

Virtual Messenger – Go for the Wow!

The most cutting edge product you could purchase for your trade show booth is the Virtual Messenger. This is a fully customizable tool that can really add that “wow factor” that passersby will remember. The Virtual Messenger can be any presenter, celebrity, mascot, or even a product. Your brand’s message can be looped or interactive with touch screen options. Advertise dynamic content at your next trade show to engage potential customers with something new and fresh. Deliver text messages, videos, pictures, dynamic content, QR codes and so much more using this new technology.

Vector Display

Promotional Items and Printed Collateral

Don’t forget to budget for promotional items and printed collateral that can give your message a lasting value long after the trade show is ended. Consider investing in custom design flyers that can retell your story to your prospects after they have left the show. Promotional products and giveaways can increase brand recognition and are often kept long term. These items can make your investment in your trade show display memorable. This will allow your prospects to reach back to you after the event to inquire about purchasing your product or service.

Promotional ItemsPrinted Collateral

There are many ways your brand can stay fresh and stand out from the competition at the next trade show; Signarama of Deerfield Beach offers all of them. We focus on large scale displays as well as smaller options. We know that businesses come in all sizes and budgets and we want to do our part to help them all succeed. No matter what your business specializes in, we want to get to know you and help you surpass your goals! Come by Signarama of Deerfield Beach today and tell us about your upcoming trade show. We are ready to start building your next display!


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