Sign-Buyers Guide – Five Questions to Ask Before Buying Signage

When it comes to your business there might be no greater concern than selecting the right suppliers. As a business owner you’re entrusting your success with your potential partners which is why you have to be careful when choosing who you do business with.

When you are selecting a business to handle your company’s signage, it’s important to do your research to ensure that you are choosing a business that is trustworthy, dependable, and professional. There are a lot of questions that you should ask before you partner with a potential signage company to ensure that they’re the right fit for your needs.

 What Industries do you typically serve? Is there one you specialize in?

Signage is used universally, throughout every industry to display messages to customers, market a business, or to show compliance with regulations. But not all signage houses are created equally. While most signage businesses handle a wide range of industries, some might find that most of their clients are from a specific industry either intentionally or just by coincidence. If your signage company focuses on a specific area of business to see if their focus is within your industry or not.

What are the right materials for your sign type?

Signs are created from a wide range of materials depending on the sign type. Not only does it depend on if it’s an indoor vs outdoor sign matter, but signs can be fabricated using metals, fabrics, glass, vinyl, stone, wood and beyond!  Materials for more complex signage may differ from your basic outdoor corrugated yard sign. Consulting a professional sign company is critical to help you understand the durability, quality and effectiveness each material presents for you signage requirements while working to stay within your budget scope.

What is the right design and color scheme that stands out best?

So much goes into the planning of the sign design. From choosing the right color combinations to the right font type, your sign is your calling card and so it’s important that it leaves a lasting first impression.

Consider your location and the distance your sign is from passers-by.  Will you include your logo or a unique graphic or perhaps that is too busy for the space provided. All of these questions are important factors that affect the overall design.  Be sure when you consult your local sign expert that you are prepared.

Do you special permits or requirements needed for your business sign?

Unfortunately this can vary from city to city and even depend on the building type your business occupies. For example, the city of Deerfield Beach, FL requires three color copies of drawings with the sign drawn to scale, color information, lettering style, dimensions, mounting details and more.  Deerfield Beach, FL also requires business owners to include on their sign applications engineering plans for all new building and monument signs, a notarized consent letter from the property owner granting permission on the requested area where the sign will be placed. Electric signs may also require an inspection to ensure proper installation.

outdoor monument sign

All states must also comply with The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 that requires visible signage for those with disabilities across all businesses. These strict guidelines must meet both local and federal rules.  Everything from braille and tactile signs, handicap parking signs must all meet government standards based on their placement, size, type fonts and more.  Following the proper protocol to apply for permits can be a confusing undertaking while you are working on various other facets of opening a business which is why contacting a respected, local sign company such as Signarama Deerfield Beach is recommended.  Trustworthy sign professionals who have been in the community for a significant period of time are well versed on the sign requirements including the application process and fee schedules you will be required to submit.

What Is Your On-Time Delivery Record?

Late jobs are just not acceptable, but occasionally they may happen. Your signage might be time sensitive and needed for a specific event. Ask your signage provider how they can prove their delivery record and how they plan to stick to it. Be sure to inquire the course of action if a sign is late and how you may be compensated if your deadline is not met.  Always be clear as to your expected delivery date so that your project is on-time, helping to build a relationship for future projects.

What Quality Control Systems Do You Use?

The last thing you want is a sign that doesn’t look quite right. In order to ensure that your signage house will manage your job properly it is important to ensure they have a written quality control procedure.

A great signage shop will be able to answer these questions in a way that is satisfactory to you and your business needs.

Choosing the wrong sign company for your business can end up costing you thousands of dollars in lost revenue and time. Signarama Deerfield Beach understands the importance of selecting the right partner to do business with and we will work with you to deliver the perfect sign for your business.

Contact Signarama Deerfield Beach today to begin planning your next project!

Five Ways To Create A Rolling Billboard

There are many ways for a business to advertise themselves to attract new customers. A business that is in a local area may want to consider using vehicle advertising to create a rolling billboard. The use of a mobile billboard is a great way to market and promote a business when a vehicle is out in traffic. Signs come in many types that can easily be added to any type of vehicle.

Full Vehicle Wraps

The purpose of full vehicle wraps is to completely cover a vehicle to turn it into a mobile billboard that is used for marketing and promotion. These are custom designs that are placed on a vehicle to advertise a company or business when it is out on the road. Full wraps will consist of the logo for a business or a message that will be advertised. The impact of the advertising is achieved by the total size of the image displayed on the vehicle. Most types of vehicles are well-suited for full wraps. These include vans or an SUV to a small compact car.

Partial Vehicle Wraps

A partial vehicle wrap is a good solution for creating a mobile billboard by using sheets to advertise on the the sides, the hood, and even the rear of a vehicle. The color of the vehicle can be used to create the design of partial wraps at a lower cost than full vehicle wraps. Partial wraps cover between one-quarter and three-quarters of a vehicle. Advertisements are strategically placed using decals or spot graphics. A partial wrap is a great choice if a business will be using multiple marketing campaigns. The best way to make partial wraps pop is to use a vehicle that includes the main color of the business.

Vinyl Graphics and Lettering

The use of vinyl graphics or standard cut vinyl lettering is an effective and common way for a business to create a mobile billboard. This is a great way to identify a business using lettering or by placing their logo on a company vehicle. Another option is to display the phone number or the website of a business on the doors of a vehicle Vinyl is a much cheaper option than using full wraps or partial wraps. This is a type of adhesive sticker that is applied semi-permanently to a vehicle. The material comes on a wax backer that is easy to peel and stick.

Vehicle Magnets

Adding a sign via a magnet is a great way to turn a car or truck into a mobile billboard. Magnetic signs are a non-permanent way to advertise a business. They are a good option for a personal vehicle used as a business tool. Vehicle magnets can be put on and taken off a vehicle with little effort. They may have the name of a business, a phone number, or website. Magnets are typically placed on the doors of a car or the tailgate of a truck. Orders for magnetic signs often need to be made in pairs.

Car Top Advertising

The addition of car toppers for advertising is a good investment for a business using a personal vehicle for deliveries or company business. Many types of businesses can use car top advertising for marketing and promotion, such as a restaurant or retail store that makes deliveries. Car toppers will easily convert any vehicle into a mobile billboard. They are secured with magnets or use a support cord that may also include power for a light bulb to illuminate the sign. Contact Signarama Deerfield Beach at 954-428-7446 or visit us on the web at for any of your sign needs.

Top Ten Unexpected Ways to Make Your Business Location Come To Life

If you dread going to work each day, or think that your employers or co-workers do, then it could be time to brighten up the workplace to make it a more enjoyable place to go. It has been found that employees that are happy and work in a motivating workplace are more productive. With this in mind, here are ten unexpected methods that can be used to brighten up your business location!

Mission Statement Plaques

Quotes have always been a great way to motivate people. Throughout history, our civilization has followed the clever words of wisdom of some of the highly regarded figures in our culture. It can be a good idea to put up a motivating quote or mission statement plaque where everyone can see it while working. They are only a look away from inspiration! These can be found at Signarama Deerfield Beach, where you can choose everything from the colors to the sizes in the Deerfield area.

Wall Art

Nobody wants to work in a boring environment. Wall art can be an exciting way to brighten up the work area of your employees. You can still keep the area professional while making it a bit more lively when using wall art, just be smart about your selection.

Identification Signs

One of the top reasons that people will avoid talking to each other as they pass by in the workplace is due to the fact that they don’t know each other’s names. This can create awkward tensions, even though you don’t want a lot of chitchat during the work day. Give people identification cards that can be glanced at to provide their name to co-workers.

Floor Mats

Floor mats can be a small way to make the work place more enjoyable. Some offer humor, while others offer an artistic design that is neat to look at. They are cheap and affordable, and can be placed just about anywhere in the work area! Signarama Deerfield Beach lets you design your own personal floor mats.


Do you have significant figures in your business? If you do, portraits can be a great way to help build inspiration for the rest of your work team. Often, employers will do “Employee of the Month” portraits to offer an incentive to hard working employees.

Repaint The Area

You can repaint the offices of your employees to a less bland color. For instance, instead of a gray or brown, you can go with a light yellow or blue. Lighter colors have been shown to increase productivity and provide motivation. Darker colors can sometimes slow people down.


Signs can be used throughout the work area to direct employees to the correct areas, and to identify people that are at their desk. You can have fun with this by making them artistic and colorful, or maybe just add some small graphics that make them more friendly.

Submission Box

You should always listen to your employees when it comes to advice in the workplace because they are the front line that sees a lot of ways that improvements could be made. Include a submission box that can help employees remain anonymous and still improve their work area. This makes them feel like their opinion actually matters, which is important to people.


Chairs can get pretty fancy these days. They also provide comfort, and so maybe it’s time for a chair upgrade. Get something that is modern yet fun, rather than old wooden chairs or rolling chairs that are falling apart.

Water Cooler

The water cooler idea is a great way to make the workplace more enjoyable for employees. This can be a place to briefly exchange small talk while refreshing so that they can get back to work refreshed. Many employees enjoy this small addition to their office.


Promote Special Events with Great Vinyl Banners and Sidewalk Signs

These days, business owners face an increasing challenge when it comes to attracting customers and potential customers to their storefronts. After all, visual appeal has become increasingly important for shoppers and customers when deciding on a place to shop, and most admit that they will not even consider walking into a store unless it has an attractive and welcoming storefront. Many businesses that have been looking for ways to improve their store’s appearance and attract customers into the store with specific promotions and sales have thus begun having custom signs and banners made as a way of making this happen. After all, by having such custom signs and banners made, business owners can ensure that they end up with professional, vibrant, and appealing banners and other types of signage.

Of course, when it comes to having these signs made, one of the most important aspects of it is simply finding the right signage company for the job. It is vital to go with a company that has plenty of specific experience with it comes to creating custom signage, especially for those who want theirs to stand out and attract customers. Furthermore, finding a professional company that offers low prices and great customer service is another important aspect to keep in mind. That is why so many business owners trust Signarama Deerfield with all of their sign production needs.

At Signarama Deerfield, they offer a wide range of sign services to meet any business’ needs. Is it time to promote special sales and events with vinyl banners and sidewalk signs? If so, business owners do not need to look any further than this company, as this is something that they have specialized in for many years. They offer a wide variety of different sizes, colors, and types of banners and sidewalk signs as a way of converting foot traffic past one’s store to foot traffic inside the store!

On top of allowing business owners to promote special sales and events with vinyl banners and sidewalk signs, Signarama Deerfield also offers banner stands and custom signs. This is great for business owners and their employees who wish to get a little more creative with the sign-making process, as custom signs give them the creative freedom and ability to come up with their own designs. From there, Signarama can turn the designs into reality and cover all of the printing and production work! The end result is simply an amazing looking sign or banner that will withstand a variety of tough weather conditions and be sure to last the company for many years to come.

The Signarama Deerfield website even has a useful upload tool that allows businesses to upload their own artwork and images to be printed on their signs. This makes it easier and quicker than ever for business owners to get the signs ordered that they need without having to go through the hassle that other sign production companies require their customers to go through for custom signage.

Finally, Signarama Deerfield is always offering a variety of promotions and specials for business owners who are looking to hand banner stands and other custom signs made. These are great for those who are looking to score a great deal and get the signs that they need done regardless of the strict budget that they may be working with.

So for those who are serious about promoting special events, promotions, or sales at their storefront, now is the time to order some signage from the experts at Signarama Deerfield. It is amazing just how much of a difference this can make in the overall success of any store. Contact Signarama Deerfield Beach at 954-428-7446  or visit us on the web at for any of your sign needs.

What Makes a Great Sign? 5 Tips for Designing Your Sign

A good sign should convey important information about your business as well as create a mental impression about your work. Graphic design is both art and science that uses different components to provide a distinct overall impression. These components include lettering style and size, contrast, white space, visibility, legibility and content. Keeping in mind the five most important factors in signs will help you to create the best sign for your needs.

1 Visibility – choose colors that contrast without being stark and unpleasant to the eye. Yellow and green, red with white, blue and white, and yellow with black are generally good combinations. If you must have certain colors that are not particularly good together, such as colors that may be a part of your company logo and brand, consider outlining the lettering in white to increase visibility.

2 Keep It Simple – too much information on a sign can be confusing and illegible. Keep the information simple and straightforward. Also choose a sign shape that works with the amount of lettering you require. You should not choose a long thin rectangular sign if you need a large amount of text. Choose a square sign or rectangular to provide room for lettering.

3 Fill the Sign Area Strategically – use graphics, borders, shadowing and other items to create a visually attractive message. Fill in as much of the sign as possible but don’t crowd the text, which can be confusing. Decide what text can best convey information about your business in the least amount of space. A “tag line” or other snappy phrase can help to fix your business in customers’ minds.

4 Choose the Right Sign Style and Size – determine the distance from the road or sidewalk and the pattern of traffic. This measurement will help you to determine what size background and lettering you will need for best visibility. You can choose from a wide variety of sign styles that can help to make your sign more visible. Illuminated signs are effective for businesses that stay open during the night hours. Neon signs are eye-catching and can be seen for long distances. Slim edge-lit signs use LED technology to create a highly visible, lighted sign to catch your customer’s attention. Hanging signs can be used to project out from a building’s face for better visibility. Engraved signs provide an upscale look. Sandblasted signs made of wood or high-density urethane create an artistic look that can suit certain types of business well. Signs can also have changeable lettering to provide information on specials and other new information that may interest customers.

5 Align Lettering & Graphics Properly – nothing looks more slipshod than poor alignment and creates a sour image for your company. Use graphics tools to ensure centering and left-and-right alignment for all text to create an even and professional effect. In addition, ensure that all lettering is clear and distinct without blurred edges. Crisp, clean lettering is easy to read and allows customers to read the sign from a greater distance.

Contact Signarama Deerfield Beach at 954-428-7446  or visit us on the web at for your sign needs.



The Many Faces of Signage -It’s not just the big sign on the outside of your building

There are almost limitless options available today when it comes to signage. From banners to floor mats, strategically placed signs can advertise a business, personalize a special event or spread the word about a new product.

SIGNARAMA Deerfield beach offers a large variety of advertising signs designed to help bring a business to the attention of potential customers and clients. Channel lettering and other exterior signage serve to make a business more visible. Channel lettering can include backlighting to make it easier to see, especially at night. Other popular business signage includes yard signs, banners and sidewalk signs. Yard signs come in different sizes and are easy for anyone to use. Banners may be made of vinyl or fabric, and provide great publicity for a business or service. Sidewalk signs and sandwich boards are portable and come in many sizes.

Vehicles make fantastic mobile signs. Lettering or graphics on a company car or truck mean a business gets constant exposure to the public every time that vehicle is on the road. Company vehicles can have a custom logo applied to the doors, hood or tailgate, or can be completely wrapped in a huge advertisement that everyone will notice. Magnetic signs can also be made for vehicles that can be removed if necessary. Bumper stickers can also be made with a company name or logo.

Sign boards and marquees with changeable letters are perfect for advertising constantly changing information such as daily specials, or for making weekly or monthly announcements. There are many different styles of changeable letter signs. Some are permanently fixed, while others are designed to be rolled from place to place by just one person.

SIGNARAMA Deerfield beach can make full size trade show displays that are lightweight, portable and easy to assemble. Large scale retail and Point-of-Purchase signage is also available to make a business or product stand out. QR codes that connect customers directly to a company website when scanned by a smartphone can be added to any of the above business signage.

Aside from letting the public know about a business, SIGNARAMA provides customized signage that can personalize a business space. Floor mats, floor and wall decals and window lettering can all be manufactured with a company name or logo to raise brand awareness and build employee morale. Engraved signs and plaques can lend an air of distinction to any business.

Signs can be used to advertise more than a business or great sale. SIGNARAMA offers many types of signs that can be used to make a personal statement. Vinyl banners can dress up a party, announce a special event or honor a loved one. Customized decorative car license plates can personalize a vehicle or announce a bride and groom. Vehicle lettering, available in a range of colors and styles, can customize any vehicle. Graphics and lettering can be applied to boats as well.

SIGNARAMA Deerfield beach offers all of these types of signs, and much more. Give us a call at 954-428-7446 or visit our website at to learn more about customized signage for your business or event, or to place an order on-line.



Impactful Signage Goes Beyond the Big Sign Outside Your Building – How The Many Faces of Signage Can Help You Build You Get Your Message Out.

Do you want to improve your business? Many people and businesses are content with one sign on their building identifying their location, but there are so many more signage options available to promote your message. For example, signs can be used to highlight your most profitable product, promote an event or drive visitors to your social marketing sites.

Banners are a unique way to use signage to draw attention and promote your business. They can be used for anything, from advertising for a special sale, to announcing the remodeling of your business. Whether you plan to use it once, or once a year, banners are a unique way to grab the attention of potential customers. Banners are available I a range of materials from fabric to vinyl or mesh in order to accommodate all needs. Sign A Rama Deerfield can recommend the material that is best for your particular application.  Complete with designs, logos and lettering, our banners are guaranteed to draw attention to your message.

Other signage options to expand your advertising power are car decals and vehicle wrapping. Often when you are stuck in traffic the only place to look is the road and car decals and wrapping can make your vehicle a moving billboard. Car decals can range from bumper stickers to lettering on windows. An Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Inc. study that found that Vehicle Wraps reach 80-85 percent of the top 100 markets. Sign-A-Rama can create and install car decals and wrapping complete with custom logos and lettering that make your ad pop.

And why not consider taking that same decal and place it on magnetic signs for additional vehicles. These images can also be translated into individual labels or decals that can be placed on your product, or your shopping bags or on posters throughout your location. You can also take that image and produce advertising specialty items or trade show graphics that repeat the message and bring in more opportunities for you to build your business.

Sign-A-Rama Deerfield can help you with all these sign needs. Give us a call or visit our website to find out which advertising options are best for your business. Just remember one thing: it’s much more than the sign above your building!

Conveniently located on Powerline Road just south of SW 10th Street on the west side of the road, SIGNARAMA Deerfield proudly serves businesses in Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton, Lighthouse Point, Pompano Beach, Coconut Creek, as well as many other communities throughout Broward and Palm Beach counties.

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Obtaining Building Permits For Signs “What You Need To Know”

Do you need a sign for your business? Not sure what your local Broward County or Palm Beach County municipality will allow or permit at your location?

Most exterior signage requires a permit. In South Florida, the municipal code and permit process are particularly rigorous. This is due to strict regulations requiring all signage to meet the wind calculation codes that protect our communities against the hazards of tropical storms. In addition, our towns and cities have size restrictions, and set back requirements that have been issued to keep signage aesthetically pleasing.

Each town, and municipality has its own set of rules and these rules are often complex and confusing to the lay person.  For example, signage size limitations on Deerfield Beach building signs are calculated as a function of the length of the storefront. The larger the store front length, the larger your sign can be. Pompano Beach building signs , on the other hand, have size limitations that are calculated as a function of the overall size (height X width) of the store façade. Confused? Certain temporary signs such as yard sale, real estate, political or window graphics may or may not require a permit, or may or may or not be permissible at all. Even more confused? How far back can a free standing sign be placed off of the property line? That depends on the city and, in some cases, it even depends on which zoning district within the city the property falls. We often kid that you need a PHD in Signage to figure it all out! But it is not far from the truth!

SignARama Deerfield Beach is fully licensed and insured in all Broward County and Palm Beach County municipalities. Many sign companies are not. We are fully schooled on the nuances of the code and work closely with you to determine to the best of our ability whether your sign complies before it is submitted to the city. This helps avoid unnecessary delays. In addition, we work to expediently move your project along. Sign permitting is a multi-step process involving sign construction and elevation sketches, sealed engineered drawings, property owner and municipal approvals, fees, scheduling, and final inspections. In addition some municipalities require attendance at a Community Appearance Board meeting where volunteers will evaluate your application purely on the aesthetics of your sign. Since there are so many steps involved, choosing an inexperienced sign company can cause the process can drag on longer than anticipated resulting in extra to cost to you in time and money.

Avoid potential problems, delays and fines by having your sign made by the experts at Signarama Deerfield Beach. We will take the confusion out of the process and handle your permit every step of the way. Our experience can help insure that your proposal will meet likely approval upon arrival at the building department. We know how important your sign is to your business so we will permit, build, install, and get it up and running as quickly as possible.

Conveniently located on Powerline Road just south of SW 10th Street on the west side of the road, SIGNARAMA Deerfield proudly serves businesses in Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton, Lighthouse Point, Pompano Beach, Coconut Creek, as well as many other communities throughout Broward and Palm Beach counties.

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